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Kids from all over will want to jump on our giant indoor inflatables, and parents will love how completely easy party planning is at Pump Up the Fun.

Pump Up the Fun
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15:07 06 Jan 23
Great place for a party. We rented the place out for my daughter's party and all the kids had a blast. The kids are usually worn out after a couple of hours of playing hard. The staff was helpful, but also just let us do our thing.
Erica WeaverErica Weaver
23:00 26 Aug 22
I absolutely loved having a party at pump up the fun. We had my oldest daughters birthday at Malibu Jack's and I would choose ten times over to have our future parties at pump up the fun. Its a lax environment, you bring all your own stuff for your party. It's just big enough that it's perfect in my opinion. At the other location you can't bring anything but a cake from outside, everything must be bought from them and it's disgustingly over priced unlike pump up the fun. Your allowed to decorate how you want, bring your own food, your own plates and drinks and the kids are playing close by as apposed to buy the main entrance. 15/10
Mariea VanceMariea Vance
12:38 02 Jun 22
This is a fantastic place for children to have a great time! The prices for parties are also very fair. We recently went to the location for a classmates birthday party which led me to decide that this is where I’d like to have my sons this year.
Traci CottonTraci Cotton
14:04 05 Dec 21
Wonderful party experience! Very professionally operated party venue. We booked 6th birthday from out of town to be near grandparents and didn’t know what to expect. They organized everything! No hidden fees. Up front and transparent about rules, regulations, & policies. Perfect private party spaces! Flare of festive holiday extras. I wish I had something like this in my town! My son had a blast! 2hrs is great for birthday party and play. Thank you for providing an enjoyable best birthday ever! Very satisfied!


We have been looking into a way for our customers to have a party at Pump Up The Fun and save money. Many party centers across the country have had success with this new format and we are offering it on select dates.
This is how it works. You book a party and only pay $50 for your party section which you get for one hour then you pay $10 per kid for the first five kids then just $5 per kid after up to 25 kids who plays on our equipment. At the end of the one hour you must be out of the party section but the kids can stay and play as long as they want. You are still able to come twenty minutes early to set up. The private room in not included in this new format.
                                                                                                                                                                   We are still having our two hour parties at regular pricing.

MINI PARTY (12 or Less Kids) $160 + Tax

CLASSIC PARTY (13-20 Kids) $180 + Tax

PREMIUM PARTY (21-30 Kids) $199 + Tax

                                                         Current Specials:

Private Party Monday-Thursday

Just $225 + tax up to 25 kids.

Have fun during Pop-N Times.

No Birthday parties or special events coming up?

No problem! Pop-N Times are times when anyone can pop in to enjoy all the great activities we have to offer.

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