galactic partyWe turn off the over head lights and turn on our laser lights with over 10,000 beams of lights and artificial fog to help illuminate the laser lights.

The kids get to play on the inflatable' s with the effect of light beams shooting towards them. This is available every other Saturday from 7-9 and Sunday's 5-7 or 5:15-7:15 for an additional $25 + tax or we have an 1 1/2 laser light party on Saturdays from 7:30 - 9. You get laser lights free since the party is shortened by 30 minutes. Also on Thursday nights we do the laser light parties at no extra charge since we are already doing them for our pop-n time.



Galactic gallery

Add a Private Party Room

Add a private party room for only $25 + tax. It has 4 picnic tables and 2 other tables to put things on. It also has its own entrance to the inflatables.