Party Packages

$50+ Party

Book a party section for one hour for $50! First 5 kids are $10 each, then $5/kid up to 25. Must vacate section after 1 hour, but kids can play as long as they want. Arrive 20 minutes early for setup.

The private room is not available in this package.

Mini Party

Spend 2 hours with up to 12 friends ages 1-18 yrs old. You will enjoy playing on our Gigantic Indoor Inflatables and Trampolines while enjoying your own party privacy. $160 + tax

Classic Party

Spend 2 hours of awesome playtime on our fun filled Inflatables and Trampolines with 13-20 friends. Ages 1 to 18 years old. You will have your own party space to use on your schedule. $180 + tax

Premium Party

Spend 2 fun filled hours playing with 21-30 friends on our Inflatables and Trampolines for ages 1 to 18 years old. You will have your own party space to use at your convenience. $199 + tax

Private Parties

Private Party

The ultimate Party. Get the whole place to yourself for up to 25 friends ages 1-18 years old! A Party Monday – Thursday is $225 + tax. Private Party on a Friday is $425 + tax. A Private Party on Saturday and Sunday is $800 + tax.

Private Party Room

Great add on for your party! You get 4 picnic tables and 2 other tables to put things on. You also get your own exclusive Private Entrance to the Inflatables!! Just an additional $25 + tax.

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Pump Up the Fun Indoor Inflatable Park Rules

  1. Parents/Guardians it is your responsibility to make sure your kids understand the rules to keep them safe and the kids around them safe 
  2. Socks required to get on Equipment
  3. Only Kids Aged 1-18 Allowed on Equipment
  4. No Running, No wrestling, or Gymnastics 
  5. Do Not Overcrowd an Inflatable, no more Than six kids On Inflatables at a Time. 
  6. When going down slides go one person at a time. Go on your bottom with your feet in front of you. Keep your feet together and cross your arms over your chest. Do not go down on your belly, do not go headfirst, and No Surfing or Cannonballs. Wait until the person in front of you exits the slide before you slide 
  7. All equipment has a 200LB weight limit per person
  8. Do Not Go Behind or Underneath any of our Equipment
  9. Chewing Gum Not allowed
  10. Use the Appropriate Entrances and Exits
  11. 0ur Toddler Zone is for Kids Under 42″ Only
  12. Must be at least 42″ tall to get on our Larger Inflatables Cliffhanger and Rocky Island
  13. Adults Do Not Carry Your Kids Up Any Inflatable 
  14. If you have any loose or sharp objects, or food and drinks please leave in picnic area

We appreciate your business. Have fun and play safe!  Please Follow these rules, so that we can keep Pumping Up the Fun! 

Party Information

Party Deposit: All deposits are due three weeks prior to the date of your party. The amount is $70.00 + tax =$74.20 unless you book a Private Party then deposit is Half the cost of party and is deducted from the total party price. If you book your party within the three weeks of your party date, you have 48 hours to make your deposit. If you book your party within one week of your party date, your deposit is due 24 hours after you book your party.

Party Details: All parties are 2 hours long. You must be out of your party area by the end of your 2 hours, not starting to clean up at that time.

We do not allow Piñatas, confetti, silly string, or outside glow products.

Arrival Time: Do not arrive more than 20 mins prior to the start of your party.

Cancellation Policy: If you should have to cancel your party and the party is 3 weeks out or longer, we will refund you 100% of your deposit. If your party is within 3 weeks when you cancel, we will reschedule your party at a later date and transfer your deposit over with no fees. If during your party a building emergency occurs, and building must be evacuated and you cannot return to your party we will not charge you remaining party balance, or we will give you 14 days to redo party for the party kid at time of emergency.