Pop-N Times

Pop-N Times are times when anyone can Pop-in to enjoy all the great activities we have to offer.

  • We have 2 inflatables that have a height requirement od 42″ or taller.
  • Anyone 19 years old or older are not allowed on inflatables or aeroball.
  • We have a 200lb weight limit on inflatables and aeroball.


Pop-N Times Hours:

MAY 26- JUNE 4

  • FRI MAY 26  : 12-8
  • SAT MAY 27 : 12-8
  • SUN MAY 28 : 1-6
  • FRI JUNE 2: 11-8
  • SAT JUNE 3: 11-8
  • SUN JUNE 4: 1-6


  • $7 + Tax for kids Under 42″
  • $10 + Tax for kids 42″ or Over

Pump Up the Fun Indoor Inflatable Park Rules

  1. Parents/Guardians it is your responsibility to make sure your kids understand the rules to keep them safe and the kids around them safe 
  2. Socks required to get on Equipment
  3. Only Kids Aged 1-18 Allowed on Equipment
  4. No Running, No wrestling, or Gymnastics 
  5. Do Not Overcrowd an Inflatable, no more Than six kids On Inflatables at a Time. 
  6. When going down slides go one person at a time. Go on your bottom with your feet in front of you. Keep your feet together and cross your arms over your chest. Do not go down on your belly, do not go headfirst, and No Surfing or Cannonballs. Wait until the person in front of you exits the slide before you slide 
  7. All equipment has a 2001b weight limit per person
  8. Do Not Go Behind or Underneath any of our Equipment
  9. Chewing Gum Not allowed
  10. Use the Appropriate Entrances and Exits
  11. 0ur Toddler Zone is for Kids Under 42″ Only
  12. Must be at least 42″ tall to get on our Larger Inflatables
  13. Adults Do Not Carry Your Kids Up Any Inflatable 
  14. If you have any loose or sharp objects, or food and drinks please leave in picnic area.

We appreciate your business. Have fun and play safe!  Please Follow these rules, so that we can keep Pumping Up the Fun!